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11 June 2020

Happy Pride Month! Celebrating the diverse and beautiful community of LGBT+ people around the world, Pride Month is a time to reflect on the experiences of pioneers, to listen to current voices and experiences, and celebrate the LGBT+ community today. 

This year, Pride is celebrating 50 years since the Stonewall riots took place in New York, spurring the modern LGBT+ rights movement. The COVID-19 lockdown means that sadly, Pride events right around the country are postponed - but that doesn’t mean there’s less to get involved with, and means there’s more time to explore the rich history of the LGBT+ community.

From reading queer history, novels and stories, listening to LGBT+ podcasts and music, getting involved in online events and exhibitions, and getting creative either for the community or for yourself and friends, there’s plenty of ways to celebrate and participate, whether you’re part of the LGBT+ community, or you’re a supportive ally.


You may be stuck indoors instead of out celebrating and talking to new people, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop exploring. LGBT+ novels explore the experiences of coming out and/or being out - both fictional and biographical.  

Queer Books for Teens is a database of LGBT+ YA novels, which can be filtered by gender, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, race/ethnicity, religion, genre, location, disability and endings - all published between 2000 and 2017.

11 best LGBT+Q+ books to read during Pride month and beyond

World Book Day has compiled a list of books for age groups 0-5, 5-8, 8-12 and 12+.


Lockdown is a good opportunity to curl up in front of the TV - and combine that with Pride Month, and it’s a fabulous excuse to indulge in stories that range from romantic to political to heartbreaking to inspiring. 

Pink News has compiled 10 great LGBT+ films to watch during lockdown - all with a biographical or historical perspective, in honour of the Stonewall anniversary. 

Glamour has their list and review of 24 LGBTQ+ TV shows, documentaries & movies that aren’t just for Pride Month.

Harper’s Bazaar has put together what they think are the 30 best LGBT+ films of all time to celebrate Pride

And as a bonus recommendation, if you haven’t yet caught Netflix’s Schitt’s Creek, settle in for an uplifting, hilarious series about growth, love, wigs and a glorious absence of racism and homophobia.


Podcasts are a great way to escape into a world of new ideas, or connect deeply with people talking about issues that matter to you. Whether out for a run or a walk, in a relaxing bath, or on a car ride, podcasts serve up an infinite amount of experiences for you to jump into.

Seventeen’s list of podcasts that every LGBT+ teen should be listening to explores what it means to be queer from all angles

The Advocate’s 12 LGBTQ Podcasts You Should Be Listening To similarly explores the world of queer podcasting, and recommends a number of diverse listens.

Get online

While Pride is postponed this year, there are a number of things going on online that you can get involved with. Find a new community, connect with friends and loved ones, and explore the rich LGBT+ history that came before you. 

Positive Identities, a Barnardo’s service offering support to LGBT+ youth, has developed a digital pride celebration video that encourages young people & families to get involved with digital prides

Time out has compiled a list of virtual pride events

The Guardian has a list of online LGBT+ exhibitions - you’ll need to register for a free account to view.

Additionally, google your local areas or nearest towns Pride festivities - there’s sure to be something you can join in on online, either on your own or with friends. 

And, importantly, LGBT+ youth homelessness charity akt has an online safety guide for young people - while exploring the online world is an amazing way to grow, learn, make friends and express yourself, it’s really important to take precautions and stay safe. 


Creativity has always been such a huge part of the LGBT+ experience. In lockdown, whether it’s making a card to send to a friend, making posters for your windows, writing a poem or story, recording music, painting a picture or embroidering a Pride patch, creating ANYTHING to show your pride is a great way to spend Pride Inside. ​​​​​​

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