Adopt a child in the South West

We are looking for people living in the South West of England to provide safe, stable and loving homes for children who need adopting.

Barnardo's welcomes all applicants, regardless of relationship status, age, sexuality, beliefs or ethnicity.

We provide training for new adoptive parents as they step into their roles and continue to support them once they have adopted. We offer expert advice, counselling and therapy for both you and your child/ren to help you bond.

In the South West, we take pride in getting to know our adopters so we arrange everything from picnics to parties. We also organise support groups so when you decide to adopt, you won’t have to do it alone.

Children in need of adoption

Early Permanence/Fostering to Adoption
We support an increasing number of adopters with early permanence/fostering to adoption placements. Find out more about early permanence.

Children over the age of three
Many of the children who need a loving family are over the age of three, but sadly, the older children become, the harder it is to find adoptive families to take care of them.

Some children may have previously suffered abuse, and may struggle with difficult emotions as a result of being separated from their birth parents. We need adoptive parents who are willing to understand demanding behaviours.

Children with physical and/or learning disabilities
All children need and deserve secure and loving homes.

We are looking for adopters who can help meet the needs of children with additional requirements. Together, we can help a child with a disability reach their full potential.

Sibling groups
Children who are in need of adoption have often had a difficult start in life. That’s why it’s so important that we bring love and stability in to their lives by keeping brothers and sisters together.

Statement of purpose

We work with local authorities to help the most vulnerable children fulfil their full potential. For more information download our statement of purpose

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