Young Families, Wakefield

What we do

We understand that being a young parent can be very rewarding but it is also hard work. Having a baby can bring lots of worries such as finding a stable home, financial concerns, and having a support network to help you. Without judgment, we will do our best to support and advise you in whatever challenges you face, no matter their size.

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When we begin working with you, we will agree a plan to help you gain the skills you need to be able to live independently and look after your child.  We won’t tell you what to do; we will help you work out what is the best way for you to achieve your goals. We will also help you access other services such as Children Centre’s, counselling services, colleges, other education services, and more.

We offer work on a one to one basis, where we can come to meet you at your home or wherever you feel most comfortable.

We also run friendly informal groups on parenting and safe relationships which you are more than welcome to come along to.


"I would have been lost without the support from my worker" Sarah, 22