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Win With Raffles and Weekly Lottery

Enter Barnardo’s Weekly Lottery or Raffle

Play Barnardo’s Weekly Lottery or Raffle to help support some of the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Our weekly lottery, at just £1 per entry, gives you 50 chances every week to win a cash prize of up to £1,000!

Our raffles offer you the chance to win cash prizes including a top prize of up to £7,000!

Buy raffle tickets for our Globetrotter Raffle 2018

Be in with a chance of winning our top prize of £7,000 or many more cash prizes by buying tickets for our Globetrotter Raffle 2018! The closing date is 29 June 2018 and the draw takes place on 13 July 2018

Cash prizes to be won

Win up to 62 cash prizes in our Globetrotter Raffle 2018:

•£7,000 in cash or flights and spending money – 1st prize for 1 lucky winner

•£1,000 – 2nd prize for 1 lucky winner

•£100 – for 10 lucky winners

•£10 - for 50 lucky winners

Our raffles are simple to play, just contact us on 0800 008 7005 or email us if you would like to receive future raffle mailings.

When you receive your raffle tickets, return your payment and completed ticket stubs in the envelope that we provide and you’re all done.

Tickets cost £1 each – buy them for yourself or sell them to friends and family. The more tickets you buy the more chances you have to win.

Barnardo's is the UK's largest children's charity. Any donation received with your entry will help us support vulnerable children across the UK.

Weekly Lottery Winners

Details of winners in our weekly lottery are available from our Supporter Relations team. Please call 0800 008 7005 or contact via email.

January Wish List Raffle 2018 Winners

1st Prize - £7,000 cash prize

3635084, Mrs K Davidson, Taunton

2nd Prize - £1,000 cash prize

2736402, Mrs Y Hammond, Hounslow

10 winners of £100

5412291, Mrs L Faragher, Edinburgh

3129253, Mrs M MacMillan, Coventry

3633302, Mr R Harris, Cardiff

6063942, Mr C Nuckchady, Woking

3105155, Mr K Jay, Weston-super-Mare

3227581, Mr S Thompson, Colchester

3634333, Miss A Bennett, Liskeard

3391066, Mrs J Ray-Holman, Slough

3004165, Mrs F Tee, Sheffield

3675466, Mr J Lowe, Malton

50 winners of £10

3654750, Mr S Hitchings, London

523726, Mr A Measor, Workington

3656013, Mrs N Greig, Guildford

3702527, Mr C Catterall, Gerrards Cross

3649115, Mrs D Johnson, Chelmsford

3150017, Mrs J Patrick, Bolton

3646481, Mr B Heyes, Liverpool

6703359, Mrs J D Windle, Windermere

3502993, Mrs Drage, Rugby

3240454, Mr A G Barton, Gravesend

3295169, Mrs A, Lathrope, Beaconsfield

3055472, Mrs C Craig, Chertsey

258762, Mrs C Reid, Larbert

3635136, Mrs C P White, Bristol

3012973, Mr T J Kelly, St Helens

4852828, Mr R Spencer, Redruth

3093042, Mrs M Wright, Buckie

3335074, Mrs P Stewart, Plymouth

3076102, J Baldwin, Reading

3554892, Mrs N Craig, Ellon

3114173, Mrs J Houghton, Mold

3502228, Mrs L Doodson, Orpington

3146493, Mrs J Robbins, Manchester

9229135, Ms K Legg, East Grinstead

8735324, Mrs G Milligan, Kilmarnock

7094743, Mrs D White, Bradford

7996667, Mr D Haywood, Lancaster

3625021, Mrs J Raeburn, West Linton

3874170, Miss H J Cable, Newcastle Upon Tyne

3666824, Mrs M Hudson, Saffron Walden

3062309, Mr J Willsher, Bedford

3146035, Mr J T Studley, Carnforth

3712422, Mr T J Appleby, Wolverhampton

5914795, Mr R Kucas, Shrewsbury

4855295, Miss R Fraser, London

2603733, Mr S Myhill, Epsom

3200074, Mr M Wintrip, Weston Super Mare

3152754, Mrs E A Rothwell, Bromley

3674807, Mrs C Archer, Stockton-On-Tees

3151903, Mrs G E Kitchingman, Thames Ditton

3044997, Mrs I L Taylor, Wigan

8536210, Mrs L D Thornton, Manchester

3131060, Mrs J Mantle, Kidderminster

3059161, Mr R W Wood, Billingshurst

3094564, Mrs R Carney, Dunfermline

5333731, Mr L Armitage, London

3502995, Mrs Drage, Rugby

3699019, Mrs J Letchford, St. Leonards-on-Sea

3087666, Mrs A Turbitt, Birmingham

3074624, Mrs B Wood, Plymouth

Speed Draw – 10 winners of £25 M&S Vouchers

Ms A Rothery, Ferryhill

Mr S Stephenson, Sheffield

Mr A Kirkpatrick, Moffat

Mr S Rain, Manchester

Mr D Cockerham, Leeds

Mrs Brown, Warrington

Mrs M Swallow, Haltwhistle

Mr R Evans, Havant

Mrs P Harrison, Stockton-On-Tees

Miss J Goldberg, Salford

Christmas Raffle 2017 Winners

Speed Draw - £250 cash prize

Marjorie Hassett, Harrogate

1st Prize - £7,000 cash prize

2820936, Allan Priest, Liverpool

2nd Prize - £1,000 cash prize

2015205, M Eddy, Nuneaton

10 winners of £100

2318547, K Walker, Witney

1871438, Michael Goodman, London

2346827, June Coutts, Burnley

2183277, Joanna McInnes, Poole

1967757, Wendy Wallace, Colchester

2616541, Kay Bestley, London

2577927, R Cave, Bristol

4640344, Ben Kearns, London

2087152, Pamela Hart, Port Talbot

2103913, V & J Willshere, Romford

50 winners of £10

2350061, M Murphy, Liverpool

7878904, Jennifer Richards, Weston-super-Mare

2123152, James Robert Reid, Belper

2515881, Carol Wilson, Newcastle Upon Tyne

2638398, Edward Robinson, Evesham

2223355, J Humphreys, Amersham

1733186, Gwen Sewart, Wokingham

1986906, Carole Finch, Oban

2325277, Cynthia Burden, Wadhurst

2224205, L Godman

2226937, P Mansfield, Seaham

5412291, Lisbet Faragher, Edinburgh

1962350, P Smith, Southsea

2335995, Andis Mitraukis, London

2607303, Kate Hamilton, London

2143804, H E Lloyd, Settle

2327542, Graham Twigg, Ascot

2028026, D Martin, Dumfries

2284033, Eileen Marshall, London

1986835, S Lyon, Rothesay

2593528, Margaret Stevenson, Dartford

2312411, Stewart Perrin, Burntisland

2037754, E Young, Gosport

2025986, Sandra Jobson, Grimsby

2240528, Pauline Morris, Warrington

2194693, Alan Wragg, Tonbridge

2531952, Joan Sutton, Sheffield

2273016, P Bentley, Monmouth

5473655, Nancy Handley, Pontefract

1453461, B W E Peacock, Macclesfield

60279, Liron Askory, London

1716791, Roderick Macdonald, Edinburgh

2267233, James McKay, Fraserburgh

9964601, Valerie Joan Eaglesham, Edinburgh

2101175, B T Cliffe, Exeter

2253538, A Noltie, Dundee

2276372, Hall, Tadley

2292587, E John Humphreys, Birmingham

1959814, Anita White, Shrewsbury

2239746, M A Alcroft, Bolton

2712876, Anthony Haworth, Horsham

2587726, Richard Williams

222812, Julie Duguid, Milltimber

2068018, A J Lucas, Grimsby

2346250, McKiernan, Preston

3520491, Pamela Halliwell, Preston

2632624, J Garner, King's Lynn

2143247, S Clough, Bradford

1746111, Paul Clark, Derby

1977030, S Rowell, Sunderland

For a list of winners for draws previous to the above, please contact our Supporter Relations Team.

In 2017, 87% of the total proceeds Barnardo's received for entries into our Weekly Lottery, Raffle Superdraws and Winners Club went towards helping vulnerable children, young people and families across the UK.