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Black and minority ethnic communities

Modern day Barnardo’s runs a diverse range of services and significant amount of those are ones that work with Black and Minority Ethnic Communities. We are keen to develop positive partnerships and relationships within these communities.


In some regions, such as London, East Anglia and the South East, over 40 per cent of those people using our services are from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities and around the country there are several services working in areas which are populated by large numbers of people from diverse backgrounds.

Black and Minority Ethnic community services


  • works with people affected by sickle cell anaemia
  • works with Black pupils excluded from school
  • supports women affected by domestic violence
  • provides family centres, playschemes and crèche
  • runs community based services for children who are disabled
  • provides a range of family, individual and groupwork services.
  • works together with faith groups to develop community services
  • runs specialist fostering services
  • runs parenting support groups

For further information and our BME services