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Ready to Learn programme

Barnardo’s works with children, young people and families in over 40 services across Northern Ireland. Increasingly this work has been in partnership with schools – delivering counselling services, after-school support, family projects, parenting programmes and a range of extended school activities.

Overview of Barnardo's Ready to Learn programme

During 2007/08 Barnardo’s received a development grant to carry out research, consultations and study visits to produce a ten year strategy to work with schools to promote children’s achievement. The subsequent strategy was submitted to The Atlantic Philanthropies and successfully received funding last April. The programme has also secured support for research and evaluation costs from the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM).

Starting in September 2010 Barnardo’s Ready to Learn Programme will deliver an after-school programme for children in Primary 1 with a parallel parenting programme for their parents and carers. The programme will be offered to this cohort of children and parents / carers for three full school years. Ready to Learn will have a specific focus on nurturing children’s literacy skills with a long term outcome of raising their achievement.

Contact us

Any questions should be directed (in email only) to Julie Healy, Ready to Learn Programme Manager.
Email: email Julie Healy

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