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Trace your family history

Sepia image of ragged boy taken in by Barnardo's

Start to trace your family history by sending us an enquiry form with details about your relative.

  1. For an enquiry about a Barnardo’s child cared for in the UK, you will need to pay an initial non refundable search fee of £15 (payment taken online).
  2. For a Barnardo’s child who emigrated to Canada or Australia, a fee will be required later to gain access to the full history we have available (free initial search).

When you have sent the form and payment (if appropriate), a search of Barnardo’s archives will be undertaken and we will contact you to advise the outcome of the search.

You can either make an enquiry online, and pay with credit card, or see postal details below.

Make an enquiry

Make a postal enquiry

Make a postal enquiry with a cheque payment (if appropriate) by downloading one of the following forms and sending it back to us.

Details of where to send your completed form >

We take great care to look after yours and your relatives' data. Here are our rules around handling data (PDF).

We believe in children. Funds raised through this service are reinvested in Barnardo's work with children and young people.