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New study proves the success of support for parents who have children taken into care

Grief and shame are common emotions among parents who have had their children taken into care, but now they are turning their lives around with the help of new services being rolled out across Wales.

Barnardo’s to launch drop-in counselling sessions for children and young people struggling with emotional difficulties

Children and young people worried about anything from online bullying to a death in the family will be able to get confidential help when a new drop-in service is launched by Barnardo’s Cymru.

Barnardo’s Cymru launches new scheme to find forever homes for children in care

Barnardo’s Cymru is launching a new, personalised approach to finding forever homes for children who have been waiting a long time to be adopted.

Barney the Barnardo’s bear’s adventure in the stratosphere

Barney, the teddy bear mascot of children’s charity Barnardo’s, has been blasted 21 miles into the stratosphere, returning to earth with some spectacular images of his adventure.

Mark makes a brave return to London Marathon after collapsing a mile from home

Mark Swallow was so close to the finish line he could almost see it when he collapsed with heat exhaustion 25 miles into the London Marathon last year.

Schools to be trained to help pupils overcome the effects of childhood trauma

Every school in Wales is being encouraged to take up a new training package so that staff can help pupils overcome the damaging effects of early childhood trauma.

Jamie opens family album to support Barnardo’s Cymru’s foster carer appeal  

Wales’ gold medal sprinter Jamie Baulch is among a host of celebrities backing a Barnardo’s campaign to find more foster carers to help look after the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Barnardo’s Cymru calls for better support for care leavers

Barnardo’s Cymru has called for a new Welsh Government strategy to ensure care leavers across Wales are given greater support to become independent adults.

Sara’s invitation to the Palace

Sara Payne has devoted her career to helping children and families facing mental health issues and next week she will meet the young royals who have made a mission of mental health awareness.

90-year-old volunteer Muriel helps Barnardo’s Cymru celebrate shop’s 30th birthday

After an adventurous life as a nurse and midwife in Peru Muriel Diaz is still helping others at the age of 90 - by volunteering at her local Barnardo’s Cymru shop.

Five building blocks to boost children’s brain power

Parents have been discovering that there are five steps to help boost their children’s brain power, thanks to special courses run by Barnardo’s Cymru.

Key Welsh charities launch Charitable Fostering Providers Cymru at National Assembly

Leading charities have joined forces to launch the ‘Charitable Fostering Providers - Cymru’ (CFP) partnership to celebrate the key contribution charities make to the fostering provider sector.  CFP Cymru was launched at a special event at the Oriel Gallery, National Assembly for Wales in Cardiff Bay, sponsored by Lee Waters AM.

Children of prisoners given a voice at Hay Festival

Children whose fathers or brothers are in prison have been given a voice through poetry thanks to a Barnardo’s Cymru project showcased at Hay Festival.

International Missing Children’s Day – how Barnardo’s Cymru is helping keep children safe today and everyday

Every once in a while a missing child attracts national media attention but in fact a child goes missing in the UK every three minutes.

The clothing we hoard could stretch to the moon

Britons  could be hoarding enough clothing they no longer wear to stretch to the moon - and it’s the Welsh who feel most guilty about it, says a study by Barnardo’s.

Children toddle their way to raising more than £20,000 for Barnardo’s

Nurseries and playgroups  across Wales raised more than £20,000 for Barnardo’s, the UK’s oldest and largest children’s charity, during last year’s animal themed Big Toddle.

Perfect ending for “secret” plans found in Barnardo’s charity shop

A Barnardo’s charity shop is celebrating the perfect ending to the tale of the nuclear submarine plans found hidden in a donated suitcase.

Volunteering leads to a job for student Amy

Amy Speakman began volunteering at her local Barnardo’s shop as part of her college course, hoping to gain some life skills and valuable work experience.

Launch of new service to support the families of Armed Forces veterans

Families of Welsh Armed Forces veterans struggling to cope with civilian life are to get support from a new service being launched by Barnardo’s Cymru today.

Children need help not a criminal record, say Barnardo’s Cymru

Barnardo’s Cymru say a growing number of children and young people are being criminalised for sexual offences when they should be getting specialist help instead.

What’s the key to happiness? Having a parent who believes in me, say Welsh children

Children believe their parents’ love, trust and willingness to listen are much more important than material things according to a new survey by Barnardo's.

Barnardo’s Cymru calls for compulsory sex and relationship lessons for all children

Barnardo’s Cymru is calling on the Welsh Government to introduce compulsory sex and relationship lessons for all children after young people themselves said they wanted more advice on staying safe, particularly online.

72 hours to help young carers like Roni

Young carer Roni Bridges has had to grow up fast as at the age of 10 she helps care for her mum and two-year-old twin sisters.

School dinner ladies can help in the fight against child sexual exploitation

Everyone from school dinner ladies and playground workers to GPs need to be on the alert in the battle against child sexual exploitation.

Protect children and break the cycle of crime

Much more needs to be done to protect children from harm if we are to prevent them growing up to become criminals or victims of crime, Alun Michael, Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales has warned.

Our calls for better care for care leavers

Barnardo’s has worked with Shelter Cymru on new guidelines due to be launched by Children’s Minister Carl Sargeant today and aimed at improving accommodation and support for vulnerable young people leaving care

Our pledge to help thousands more children across Wales

Sarah Crawley, director of Barnardo’s Cymru, has outlined plans to increase the number of children the charity helps across Wales by 6,000 by 2026 – an increase of 25%.

Welsh children the least confident in UK

CHILDREN in Wales have less confidence than young people anywhere else in the UK and four out of 10 feel they have no one who believes in them. The stark findings have emerged in a survey by Barnardo’s, the UK’s largest children’s charity which revealed that a shocking 96% of Welsh 11 to 18-year-olds lack confidence and doubt they will succeed in life, despite feeling under pressure to perform well.

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