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Corporate Support

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Support from the business community is vital to continue - and expand - our work in Scotland to meet the ever-increasing demand for our services.

We'd like to speak to companies which:

  • are prepared to get involved in our projects and campaigns
  • care about the local communities in which they operate, and wish to give something back
  • will take action to give the most disadvantaged children the opportunities which they deserve in life

When it comes to working with companies and their employees, Barnardo’s has the experience to build relationships which work. We have a national network of Corporate Relationship Managers with a proven track record of developing mutually-beneficial and engaging partnerships, based on innovative and inspiring ideas which will help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims.

There are multiple ways to work alongside Barnardo’s Scotland - however we view every Partnership as being unique. We'd welcome the chance to speak to you, to explore options.

Interested? Read on to see how your company can get involved:

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