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Children affected by the imprisonment of a family member: A handbook for schools developing good practice

Author : Owen Gill and Julia Morgan (April 2013)

Price : Free

The handbook is a practical resource to help schools support the children of prisoners. It covers the main research and gives examples of good practice. It provides checklists that schools can use to ensure they are doing everything possible to support this very vulnerable group. It also includes an A3 poster for display which emphasises that the school supports children of prisoners.

Government estimates are that in England and Wales approximately 200,000 children are affected every year by a parental imprisonment. In all schools there are likely to be children in this situation.The level and quality of support that schools give to this highly vulnerable group varies widely.

The aim of the handbook is to support schools to better address the needs of this group of children. The main messages from research are highlighted. The emphasis is on practical ways to support children affected by imprisonment. The handbook includes a separate set of resource sheets detailing good practice . In addition the handbook includes an A3 poster that schools can display which emphasises that the school supports the children of prisoners.

A free PDF of this handbook can be downloaded from the i-HOP website here. i-HOP is a national one-stop information and advice service to support all professionals in working with children and families of offenders, including front line staff, strategic managers and commissioners. Please see i-HOP for more information.

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Teaching resources, Community development, Education, Family support, Safeguarding and protection, Social care support

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