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Barnardo's Research Ethics Committee (BREC)

Do you plan to carry out research or evaluation in our services?

BREC makes sure that researchers take time to consider the quality of their research, and the welfare of our service users, so that potential benefits of their research can outweigh any risks of harm.


The following types of research/evaluation projects would need to be reviewed by BREC:

  • Research or evaluations that involve Barnardo’s service users (that collect data directly from service users or that access data relating to service users held by Barnardo’s)
  • Research or evaluations with service users or staff that might lead to publication

The only exceptions are:

  • Single service evaluations for internal use that focus on a service’s quality (more equivalent to audit or routine reporting to commissioners)
  • Consultations for service development that do not involve asking service users intrusive questions.

If you need to apply to BREC, please contact, and we will send you the application form to complete.

If you are unsure whether you need to apply, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to discuss with you whether you need to apply.


Please note that BREC does not facilitate access to our services for research purposes. It is up to individual service managers to decide whether they will provide researchers with access to their services.

Please also make sure that service managers have agreed to your research taking place in their service before filling in a BREC application form.