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Stacey’s story of caring for her mum


Stacey is one of thousands of children in the UK who care for sick or disabled relatives. From the age of nine, she has worked hard every day, cleaning, cooking and caring for her mother who has serious mental health problems. She does it willingly, out of love, and yet it gives her no time for friends, for hobbies or simply for being a child. The last thing she would want is to be separated from her mum – but as she says "you can have some good days and some bad days but the good days aren’t really good."

Barnardo’s was there for Stacey

Fortunately Stacey has Barnardo’s to help her get through each day.

Our Young Carers project gives her somewhere to go where she can meet other young people her age.  

She is also willing to accept practical help from us, because she trusts us not to try and take her mother away from her: "I’d like to keep hold of her for as long as possible," she says.

Where will Stacey and thousands of other young carers turn for help if we have to cut back our support for them? And yet it doesn’t cost a lot to help a young carer.

A donation of £45 can pay for three one-to-one homework support sessions for a young carer.  

Please help us continue giving the most vulnerable children across the UK the support they need.

Stacey is a real person, but we have changed her name to protect her privacy.