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Child sexual exploitation is a major child protection issue across the UK. Hidden from view and going unnoticed, vulnerable young girls and boys are groomed and then abused, leaving them traumatised and scarred for life.  

Without people like you, Barnardo’s simply cannot keep up with the growing number of children in the UK who are exploited in this way. Since 2010, the number of young people seeking help from our sexual exploitation support services has almost doubled.

With your help, we can reach more of them.

Please take action today. Whether you support one of our campaigns or make a donation, you’ll be helping us to change the lives of children who are exposed to exploitation, fear and abuse across the UK every day.

Campaign with us

Join us, and our many supporters across the country, in campaigning for better protection for the most vulnerable children. By raising awareness and lobbying for change, we really can change lives for the better.

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Make a donation...

Donate to Barnardo’s today, and help us to provide the skilled staff and support services that can transform the lives of exploited, abused and frightened children across the UK.

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goes to help children
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