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Sally’s story of sexual exploitation


As a young teenager, Sally was manipulated into having sexual relationships with older men. With help from Barnardo’s, Sally has now escaped her abusers.

More sexually exploited children than ever before need us.

How Sally was exploited

Sally has Asperger's syndrome, which makes it difficult for her to form relationships. She was a lonely, withdrawn child and an easy target for bullies. It was while Sally was online that she was targeted by her abusers. They pretended to be interested in her problems, flattered her and eventually persuaded her to trust them.

She was taken to parties where her 'boyfriend' tried to cajole her into having sex with other men. Things quickly spiralled out of control. She was living in fear and couldn’t see any way to escape the abuse.

Barnardo’s was there for Sally

One of our Senior Practitioners, Emma, met Sally she began the long process of helping her to escape her abusers. Whenever Sally needed her, Emma was there. She spent many hours talking and listening to Sally, proving to her that here was an adult she could trust and rely on, discussing her fears, her hopes and helping build up her self-esteem.

Sally is a real person, but we have changed her name to protect her privacy.