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Samuel, Nadine and Aaron

Listen to the stories of three young people helped by Barnardo's

Sexual exploitation has had a profound effect on these children's lives.
Click on each name to hear their story.

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From the age of 14, Samuel was trapped in a world of sexual exploitation, physical violence and intimidation. He was terrified of the adults abusing him and felt powerless to leave until a Barnardo's worker helped him to see that there was a safe alternative, and people who would support and look out for him.

Nadine started running away from home when she was 14. She quickly found herself in dangerous situations and exploited by older men. Barnardo's support came at a critical point, helping her to realise that she could choose a better future for herself before things got even worse.

When he was 15, Aaron had a traumatic sexual encounter that led to a downward spiral of destructive behaviour and exploitation by predatory abusers. Barnardo's allowed him to talk honestly about his situation, and gave him the support and confidence to make lasting changes.