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I am Gay

Gay men are emotionally and/or sexually attracted to other men. For some people these feelings start from an early age, but others don’t realise they're gay until later in life. Either way, it’s completely normal to have feelings for someone who is the same sex as you.

You don’t choose your sexuality or sexual orientation, they are simply part of who you are. Many people are gay, and gay men are not different to anybody else. They deserve to be happy, to be respected and to have the chance to be with someone they love.

If you are attracted to someone of the same sex, you may not know what to call your feelings. But don’t worry – you don't have to rush to decide how to describe yourself. Sexual identity is personal and it develops over time.

I have known that I was gay since I was 7 years of age.  I experienced homophobic behaviour from my own father which made the situation at home difficult. I started attending group around 2 months ago.  It makes me happy on a Thursday coming to group and seeing people like me.  I have made friends at group and it has helped me to forget about the past and to see that my future is bright. I enjoy chatting and drawing and being able to just be myself.  If I didn’t come to group I would probably lock myself in my room."  - Raven

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