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Become part of the Barnardo's Allies Network

Thank you for your interest in joining our LGBTQ Allies network - we are changing the lives of children and young people and can’t do it without you.

As a SafeZone ally, you can play a huge part in supporting children and young people at a time when they need it most.

We want all children and young people who use our services, as well as our team of staff and volunteers, to feel respected and valued. We want everyone to celebrate who they are with pride.

As an ally, you will lead the way in becoming a champion for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and those children and young people who are questioning their sexual or gender identity.

Please sign up as a SafeZone ally today – and  make a vital difference in your network, organisation, school or community group.  

For more information, sign up or contact Yasmeen Sharif via

Being an LGBTQ ally holds responsibility for you as well as your organisation/community group.  To be designated an LGBTQ ally please provide statements to the following questions:

Your details

More About You

Barnardo's LGBT work

Our work


Support for young people


Become an ally

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The SafeZone ally network was established with support from:


Sam Monaghan, Corporate Director Children’s Services, England


Martin Crewe,Director, Barnardo's Scotland,Corporate Director Celtic Nations


Stephen Oversby, Director, East Region