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Take action against child poverty

Boy eating at school

You can sign up to become a Barnardo's campaigner on a range of issues affecting children across the

UK. Barnardo's is a member of the Campaign to End Child Poverty as we believe the millions of children living in poverty in the UK did not cause the financial crisis and should not pay for the deficit.

Alternatively, you can donate to support Barnardo's work transforming the lives of vulnerable children across the UK.

Why do we need to campaign against child poverty?

Child poverty could now increase because of cuts to vital support that the Government has announced.

Parents desperately want jobs they can raise their family on, but cuts to working tax credits and childcare will make it even harder to get and keep a job, locking more children into poverty.

It’s vital that the Government takes action to meet its own commitment to our poorest children and their families, to end child poverty by 2020.

Contact us about child poverty

If you would like to contact the Policy and Research team about our child poverty campaign, please e-mail us at