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Samuel, Nadine and Aaron

Barnardo’s runs specialist sexual exploitation projects that offer a safe, confidential environment where young people can go for help, advice and support. Our project workers actively seek out young people, offering them the long-term support they need to change their way of life. The projects also work with schools and others to educate vulnerable young people to protect themselves from exploitation and with the police to bring about the prosecution of perpetrators of sexual exploitation.

Listen to the stories of three young people helped by Barnardo's

Sexual exploitation has robbed these children of their childhoods.
Click on each name to hear their story.

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From the age of 14, Samuel felt trapped in a world of sexual exploitation, physical violence and intimidation. He was terrified of the adults abusing him and was powerless to leave until a Barnardo's worker helped him to turn his life around.

Nadine started running away from home at age 14, and quickly found herself in dangerous situations and exploited by older men. Barnardo's support came at a critical point before her situation escalated and helped her turn her life around.

At age 15, Aaron had a traumatic sexual encounter that lead to a downward spiral of destructive behaviour and exploitation by predatory abusers. Barnardo's allowed him to talk honestly about his situation, and gave him support and confidence to turn his life around.

Some of our stats

Children are most vulnerable to sexual exploitation at age 13 - 15, but Barnardo’s has worked with boys and girls as young as 10 and 11 who are known to have been sexually exploited.

Children and young people who are exploited can be subject to physical abuse and imprisonment by the perpetrators.

The pain of children’s experiences can show itself in self-destructive behaviour such as self-mutilation, overdosing, eating disorders and crime.

More sexually exploited children than ever before need us.