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What’s the key to happiness? Having a parent who believes in me, say Welsh children

Children believe their parents’ love, trust and willingness to listen are much more important than material things according to a new survey by Barnardo's.

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And 87% of Welsh youngsters questioned by the UK’s largest children’s charity say the key to future happiness is having a parent or guardian who believes in them.

Barnardo’s Cymru is appealing to people who are loving and supportive to consider fostering or adopting so they can fill the gap for children who are currently missing out on those special gifts.

Barnardo’s Fostering and Adoption Week (23rd to 29th January) is highlighting the need for 500 new foster families across Wales, particularly for older, harder to place children and those with disabilities or other issues.

Jason Baker of the Barnardo’s Cymru Adoption and Fostering Service (BCAFS) said:

This survey shows the fundamental role parents, guardians and carers play in a child’s life. Fostering can transform a child’s life and give them the childhood they so desperately deserve.

We are looking for very special families to extend themselves, work in partnership with us and meet the needs of a small but not insignificant number of children whose needs are currently not being met.”

The poll quizzed more than 70 children across Wales and found that the qualities they found most important in a parent or guardian were love (90%), trust (81%) and a willingness to listen (79%) compared to 54% who thought that buying presents and clothes was important. More than 70% said that spending quality time with their parents gave them extra special memories.

The theme of this year’s Fostering and Adoption Week 2017 is ‘When you believe in me’. To ensure children’s voices are heard throughout the UK, Barnardo’s will be asking 70,440 people, representing the number of children currently in care, to nominate the person that believed in them.

To find out more information about fostering with Barnardo’s, please visit, email or call us on 0800 0277 280.

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