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15 Lessons from Rotherham - Let’s not make the same mistakes in Scotland

Release Date: 12/09/2014

The children’s charity Barnardo’s Scotland has today, 12 September, published a report, ‘Lessons for Scotland from the Jay Report into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham, highlighting the lessons for Scotland from the Rotherham Inquiry Report into Child Sexual Exploitation.

The Rotherham Inquiry uncovered horrific child sexual exploitation of an estimated 1400 victims, in the South Yorkshire town, from 1997-2013.

The Barnardo’s Scotland reportlearning_the_lessons_from_the_jay_report_into_child_sexual_exploitation_in_rotherham_for_scotland.pdf calls on government at all levels and child protection agencies to learn the lessons from the Rotherham Inquiry in particular by recognising the need for a specific child protection response to child sexual exploitation. The charity also calls on agencies with child protection responsibilities in Scotland to ensure that there is a recognition, at every level, that sex between an adult and a child under 16 is always wrong and that it is not the child’s responsibility to say ‘no’.

Martin Crewe, Director of Barnardo’s Scotland, said:

We know child sexual exploitation is happening across Scotland.  We know how devastating it can be.  We know charities and support agencies are aware of the problem and are working to put the necessary infrastructure in place to tackle child sexual exploitation. But as part of this process, we all need to heed the warning and learn the lessons from Rotherham if we are to be certain that we are all doing our best to protect children from this horrific form of abuse in Scotland


The Barnardo’s Scotland report is designed to be challenging for local and central government, and all agencies concerned with child protection.

Martin Crewe adds:

If there is one fundamental lesson from Rotherham it is that we cannot be complacent about child sexual exploitation in Scotland.

Barnardo’s Scotland runs specialist child sexual exploitation services around Scotland and has successfully campaigned for action on child sexual exploitation in the Scottish Parliament.  


Notes to editor

Barnardo’s Scotland works with more than 26,500 children and young people in over 122 specialised community-based services across Scotland.  Our work includes: fostering and adoption services and support; helping children break free from sexual exploitation; supporting young carers; helping young people in to employment and helping children living in poverty.

What is Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) - Child sexual exploitation is when someone under 18 is groomed, coerced or manipulated into sexual activity. A young person may have sex because they are tricked into it by someone, often older than them, who promises them love and security or who buys them lavish gifts. Often the young person trusts their exploiter because of their age, but this trust is abused and the young person left hurt and vulnerable.

Information relating to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997 – 2013)

Alexis Jay OBE

Public Petitions Committee, 1st Report, 2014 (Session 4) Report on tackling child sexual exploitation in Scotland

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