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Barnardo's Scotland - Kindred

Release Date: 14/12/2017

Barnardo's Scotland has led a consortium involving two other charities to bid for Edinburgh Council's Lot 1 tender. Kindred was involved in early discussions with us around their helpline but chose not to progress as members of the consortium.

We have always worked as positively as possible with partner charities but we are constrained by the terms of the tender.  The helpline element is only one small part of the tender even after the re-issue to include extra funding for parent-led support.  An indication of this is that only one Kindred post is identified as a potential TUPE transfer within the tender.

We have always tried to engage positively as we recognise that Kindred provides valued services to parents and we would have welcomed them as part of our consortium.  We sympathise with Kindred's financial position but we cannot accept the allegations that Barnardo's Scotland has behaved inappropriately in relation to this tender.  As in all of our work, Barnardo's Scotland is committed to providing the best possible services to children and families.

We do not believe the tender process is flawed but it does reflect the financial constraints within which Edinburgh City Council is operating. We await the outcome of the tender and, should we be successful, we would still want to engage positively with Kindred around the delivery of the helpline element of the tender.

Martin Crewe

Director, Barnardo's Scotland

Corporate Director Celtic Nations

Katrina Slater - National Media & Communications Manager – Barnardo’s Scotland |

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