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Volunteering for Barnardo’s NI

Barnardo’s Northern Ireland could not continue its work without volunteers. Volunteers work in a variety of ways either directly with children and young people, in shops or offices or by raising vital funds. We also have special opportunities for employee volunteering, young volunteers and university students.

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Volunteering News

June 2017


Volunteers from Barnardo's NI children's services, retail and fundraising came together for an event at the Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings, Stormont as part of National Volunteering Week 2017. Barnardo's NI Director Lynda Wilson said: "Volunteers enrich us. We are a community of people focused on doing the best for the children and young people we support. Volunteers bring different skills to us including life knowledge, experience and empathy. Volunteers are integral to Barnardo's." The volunteers were awarded certificates of recognition for their commitment and dedication. More photos from the day can be found on the Barnardo's NI facebook page.

Volunteering Profile

August 2017

Tullycarn vol sml

Children's Services Volunteer

East Belfast Family Learning Summer Scheme

Nineteen year old Andrew Morrow from Magherafelt is currently studying Theology at Queen’s University Belfast. He heard about volunteering with Barnardo’s East Belfast Family Learning Summer Scheme through a family friend and thought it would be good experience as he hopes to go into teaching as a career. He said he found the whole experience a lot of fun: “It’s been so much better than I expected, but saying that I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought it would be a lot more chaotic but it’s really well organised. The kids all come with a parent or parents and they start off the morning with breakfast. I help set it up and then during breakfast there is an activity to occupy those children that have already finished so I help with that. I’ve been playing dodgeball with the older children and also doing painting and I help out with the workshops and will take part in one of the day trips. The kids really get into it. It’s great to see them concentrating and enjoying it. The summer scheme  runs for three weeks and it’s really good to have something like this provided for the children over the summer holidays. I’ve definitely picked up some tips for managing large numbers of children from the staff! I would recommend anyone thinking of volunteering to give it a go. It’s simple to get into and really worthwhile.”

Volunteering Profile

July 2017

Jenna volunteer

Retail Volunteer - Antrim

Fifteen year old Jenna (pictured left) has been volunteering with our Antrim store for a year. She saw a notice in the window of the shop on Castle Street and decided to apply as it was during the school holidays and she had time to give. Jenna also hoped the role would help build her CV, improve her social confidence and give her the opportunity to be part of the Barnardo's team supporting children and young people. She was welcomed as a volunteer and was trained on all aspects of the backroom system including: steaming, tagging and sorting and checking deliveries. Jenna was also given the opportunity to work on the shop floor serving customers, welcoming shoppers and helping with displays. After the school holidays Jenna kept up her volunteering role, moving to a weekends. Jenna says she loves her role:

"My absolute favourtie thing about volunteering is working with and meeting the local community and helping them out. Talking to the staff, other volunteers and customers buildsd my confidence every day and i have built strong working relationships with everyone in the store. It has been so rewarding."

Through her role Jenna was also given the opportunity to represent Barnardo's NI volunteers at Barnardo's first UK Volunteer Forum which was held at the Amnesty International Buildings in London. Jenna was accompanied by Barnardo's NI Volunteering and Community Engagement Advisor Helen Connolly. Jenna says it was an amazing opportunity:

"I was initially very nervous as I was the youngest there, but everyone was so enthusiastic about what I had to say and I felt genuinely respected. I found a lot of confidence I didn't know I had and I feel I was able to bring across the views of younger volunteers. It was a brilliant experience and one I will always remember. I can't emphasise the positive impact it has had on me enough. I have also signed up to become a permanent member who will meet in London twice a year to speak about issues for volunteers and get feedback on those we hav already discussed."

Jenna says she would advise anyone thinking of volunteering to go for it.

"It honestly is something I am so proud of and that I would love to be involved in forever. It also helps your CV, gives you new skills and allows you to learn a lot about Barnardo's. If you're thinking about it I really hope you choose to volunteer."

There are lots of ways you can volunteer with Barnardo's NI including:

  • Retail Sales Assistant
  • Set up or join your local Friends of Group
  • Flag Day fundraiser
  • Bag packing
  • Volunteer in one of our services
  • Internships
  • Organizing an event

There are many reasons why people choose to get involved. Here are just a few:

  • To support Barnardo’s NI work as a charity
  • To do something inspiring and for a worthwhile cause
  • To meet new people
  • To learn new skills and improve their CVs

For further information about volunteering with Barnardo's NI contact:

Barnardo's NI Volunteering & Community Engagement Advisor Helen Connolly or Michelle Penney.

Tel: 028 9067 2366.

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