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Support for Secondary pupils


Barnardo’s provides individual and group counselling to children and young people in their own school. We also work with parents, carers and teachers to help everyone understand the child's feelings and behaviour. The principal aim of the service is to increase pupils’ emotional well-being in order to improve their learning potential. We have staff with a range of counselling qualifications to work with young people to make a positive difference to their lives. Staff have a range of counselling qualifications including specialist areas such as counselling children and young people who have experienced bullying, anxiety, parental separation or been exposed to sexual abuse, bereavement or loss.

Support for vulnerable children

Barnardo’s has years of experience in delivering mentoring programmes which help young people to improve their motivation and aspirations, improve their studying skills, anger management and build friendships.  Mentoring can help young people improve school attendance, feel more comfortable in a school environment, can motivate and increase aspirations.

We can provide mentoring in a school setting, on a one to one basis, or outside of school. Pupils are helped to develop coping mechanisms to deal with any difficulties in school and what they want to change in their lives. They are supported and encouraged by mentors through the process of change Mentoring a young person can also help the relationship between family and school, and may result in a family becoming more aware of other help and support available in a community, helping to reduce any barriers to access.. We are also able to offer life coaching qualifications and opportunities for young people to work as life coaches to help others.

Managing Emotions and Relationships

We can provide a range of interventions to help young people to manage their emotions, improve their social skills, reduce risk taking behaviour, and to build healthy, positive relationships. We can provide interventions using a group work or a one to one approach. We have programmes which have successfully helped young people reduce risk taking and offending/anti-social behaviour, and programmes that can help young people develop self esteem and identify and avoid abusive relationships. We continually develop programmes to ensure that the needs of young people are addressed as they arise, using an evidence based approach.

To engage with young people about a whole range of issues we have an innovative service dedicated to teenagers that promotes a range clubs and activities as well as providing online counselling and advice on Facebook at Just Ask Me Newcastle.


Vocational training centres

Barnardo's has a number of vocational training centres for 16-19 year olds in the North East region, and we have centres specifically located in the Tees Valley and in North Tyneside. We offer a range of vocational qualifications to children and young people, which range from entry level 1 to level 2.

Palmersville Training, working in partnership with leaning providers in North Tyneside, offers a range of work-based learning programmes designed specifically to meet the needs of school learners from Year 10 upwards.

In the Tees Valley: we offer beauty therapy, hospitality and catering, hairdressing, and painting and decorating qualifications.

In North Tyneside we offer vocational training in hairdressing, beauty therapy, hospitality and catering, painting and decorating, business and administration, customer services, warehousing and retail.

Thanks to John teaching me some of his skills in painting and decorating I am doing a job for painting and decorating for 5 days a week possibly until I go back to sixth form and with John everyone can get along with him get a laugh with him he is a really good tutor.
[Painting and Decorating learner]

Personal Development

We can also offer a range of accredited programmes to young people in relation to personal, social and emotional development, including ASDAN qualifications. We can wrap these around the vocational programmes, for example, offering young people the chance to develop skills in relation to team work and communication, at the same time that they are completing a qualification in hospitality.

Literacy and Numeracy

We can help learners progress towards literacy and numeracy and complete functional skills qualifications.

Creative programmes

Our training centres have engaged young people in drama, film making, DJing and rapping programmes of varying lengths, which are also accredited. Our educational qualifications can be wrapped around these creative programmes.


Barnardo's has won several national awards for its innovative participation work with children and young people. We have worked with schools to develop and maintain their school councils. We have worked with local authorities to develop groups of young people to influence their service development, to provide youth forums, specific youth focus groups, to investigate council services for efficiency and report to council scrutiny, to have input into children and young people’s plans and other strategies.