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Support for Parents and Families of Secondary children

We believe that parents are a major influence on their children’s lives and therefore providing families with the right kind of support at significant points is crucial.

We work with parents and wider members of the family to improve family relationships and boost the relationship between home and school. We have a proven track record of successfully engaging parents, (including hard to reach parents,) and their children.

We are able to raise pupils’ attendance, punctuality, motivation and achievement in school. We can do this through helping parents to manage challenging behaviour, overcome practical barriers and undertake assessments and planning for non-attendance and non-engagement of pupils. Barnardo’s staff are fully trained to provide a range of accredited parenting programmes that cover a wide range of issues, as well as deliver bespoke programmes to meet specific issues for pupils and their school.

We also offer one to one intervention with parents to give them practical advice, counselling and support, family group conferencing to involve member of the family to come together and respond to the issue affecting the young person and intensive family support for families who are facing a range of challenges. We can also provide mediation to strengthen relationships and resolve specific issues. These approaches can be particularly helpful for working with older children and teenagers.

Parenting programmes

Successful evidence-based programmes for parents and carers include:

  • Mellow Parenting programme that support parents and their children in making good relationships, with emphasis upon the transmission of attachment and relationship styles across generations.
  • Parent Factor ADHD programme provides clear information about ADHD, promotes ways to manage the child’s behaviour, explore different parenting styles and ways to communicate and negotiate, as well as understanding of how to support their child at school.
  • Parent Factor Substance Misuse Programme is for parents who are misusing alcohol and illegal drugs and explores the consequences and impact upon their children and ways to reduce these risks, change their lifestyle and ways to support their child.
  • Strengthening Families Programme is for parents who attach low value to education and have low aspirations.  This programme improves communication and liaison between parents and schools, raises aspirations and enables parents to effectively encourage and enable their child to achieve.

Special educational needs

We offer a wide range of support to families where children have special such as autism, ADHD and disabilities. We offer specific parenting programmes as well as running support networks and groups.

Barnardo’s delivers parenting partnerships in conjunction with local authorities. We offer support, guidance and information to parents who are going through the stages of the SEN code of practice, and to those parents who are going through the statementing process including those which will go to an SEN panel or an appeal. This includes offering impartial advice, and support at meetings.

We provide staff who can take a key worker role and support planning and system navigation and provide expertise in managing personalisation budgets. We can also offer training and upskill parents.