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For Secondary schools


Barnardo's has a successful track record of delivering an extensive range of programmes and interventions that improve the attendance of pupils in secondary schools, increases engagement and communication, raises pupil motivation, and increases achievements. Our work in secondary schools successfully enables young people to be more self aware and develop strategies for improving their behaviour, reducing risk taking behaviour, reducing offending and anti-social behaviour, and identifying and avoiding abusive relationships.

It was the best thing I ever did.
[Secondary school pupil]

Our 'What we do' PDF provides an overview of what we can provide for pupils, parents, families and teachers that will make a huge difference to the children in your middle or secondary school.

We've also provided a full list of our current services we provide for middle and secondary schools with details of each of our services, their costs and specific contact details so you can call the right person directly.

North East Secondary Schools Services Directory [PDF]

Palmersville Training

Palmersville Training works in partnership with learning providers in North Tyneside and offers a range of work-based learning programmes designed specifically to meet the needs of school learners from Year 10 upwards.

Learners have the opportunity to attend work-based learning and work towards a Vocational Qualification whilst continuing their education at school. Find out more on the Palmersville Training website.

Just Ask Me

Just Ask Me is a young people's service in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The service targets 13 to 19 year olds and provides a wide range of advice and support and ways to get young people active and having fun. Visit the service on Facebook.