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To have a voice

Our vital services support and enabling children and young people to have a voice in the decision making about their life choices. We enable individual and families to gain the confidence and skills that are needed to influence and participate in community activities.


Advocacy and Participation

We support the rights of a looked after child to be heard and to be involved in decision making through on-to-one support and independent visits.

Disability Advocacy

We engage and include children and young people with disabilities in community activities and decisions about themselves. We also provide opportunities for carers to increase their confidence and develop the skills that are needed to ensure that all individual voices are heard.


Rights and Participation

We encourage individuals and their families to participate in community development activities, and ensure their voice is heard in the decision making process.

Youth Justice

We provide advice to support children and young people to make positive choices. Our services aim to reduce the risk of offending and anti-social behaviour through one-to-one intensive support, mentoring, diversionary and preventative activities.

Youth Services

We support individuals and groups in personal development and to develop skills to make positive life choices. We provide advice and guidance on issues such as underage drinking, pregnancy and staying safe.