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Develop life and work skills


Across the east region we provide services to support children who are struggling in the transition from child to adulthood through work experience, volunteering and access to qualifications. We offer advice, guidance and support on getting a job and gaining the skills to manage a healthy and independent life.

Employability & skills

We provide advice and advocacy on the skills needed to support sustained employment. our work focuses on increasing confidence, resilience and self-esteem through employment, work experience, volunteering, educational opportunities and qualifications.


We support the move in to sustainable independent employment, access to work placements, volunteering and accredited training. Also we can offer individual support in developing functional work skills.

Extended Services

We are able to support children through the move from primary to middle and secondary education by building positive relationships. We offer access to mentoring services. Our 'What we do' PDF provides an overview of what we can provide for pupils, parents, families and teachers that will make a huge difference to the children and young people in mainstream school.

Look through our extensive directories of our current services in the northern part of our east region. for primary and for middle and secondary schools with details of each service, their costs and specific contact details so you can call the right person directly.

North East Primary Schools Services Directory [PDF]

North East Secondary Schools Services Directory [PDF]

Leaving Care

We supporting the transition from Care to independent living, with follow on services providing skills, knowledge and access to 1:1 advice. Including access to supported lodgings, help getting a job and on the Job Training.

Refugee/Asylum Seeker Services

We support the transition of children, young people and their families into the community by encouraging developing the skills needed for independent living, particularly familiarisation with the education system.

Supporting Employment

We provide training and preparation for employment for young adults with learning disabilities through work experience.


We support young people to develop work skills via opportunities for on the job training, work placements, job tasters, and vocational work. We provide individual support and guidance on appropriate behaviour in the workplace and interviews, and support the transition from education in to employment. we also deliver provision of services that reduce the risk of exclusion for young people from mainstream education.

Vocational Training

We help the most vulnerable and hardest to reach young people to transform their lives and fulfil their potential by offering recognised vocational training. We offer courses that include: Beauty Therapy, Business Administration, Customer Services, Hairdressing, Hospitality, Motor Vehicle, Painting & Decorating, Retail Skills and Warehousing. We simultaneously offer a range of other activities to develop wider skills to build confidence, self-esteem, numeracy, reading and literacy and the experience of working as part of a team.