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Keeping Safe and Healthy

Our services in promote awareness, and provide guidance, signposting and outreach services to reduce risk taking and harmful behaviours. We focus upon sexual exploitation and sexually harmful behaviours, mental health, domestic and substance abuse, and homelessness.

Child Sexual Exploitation/Trafficking


Our services work to prevent of and support young peoples’ recovery from episodes of exploitation and trafficking.  We give support and advocacy for trafficking victims, and provide help with keeping safe, dealing with relationships and issues affecting individual lives.

Domestic Abuse

We work with families to change behaviours. Our aim is to improve emotional wellbeing and promote resilience. We do this by supporting parents to understand the impact of domestic abuse on their parenting role and on their child's behaviour. We also enable individuals or families to be involved in safety planning.

Housing and Homelessness

We offer housing support to assist and sustain independent living on leaving care. Our services provide access to supported accommodation, emergency short term or more long term bond schemes. We also work to raise awareness and improve the understanding of risks through educational visits.

Independent Visiting

Our services provide young people with access to an independent supporting adult in situations where the young person may have little or no positive contact with members of their own family.

Mental Health

We offer mental health and therapeutic support, including early intervention, for those who are at risk of homelessness and other harmful behaviours. We provide a range of services including counselling, information, advice and guidance on recovering and rebuilding family relationships.


Our services provide direct support for those children and young people who are affected by missing episodes. We can offer one-to-one case work with those who are deemed high risk so that we can help and support them to manage their issues safely, reduce risk taking behaviour. We provide access to return home interviews and prevention group work.

Substance Misuse

We support children and young people who are affected by personal, adult or parental substance misuse. We provide advice and information on the impact of high risk behaviours, such as drug or alcohol misuse, violence and domestic abuse. We also offer intervention and treatment services along with one-to-one and peer support.

Sexually Harmful Behaviour

We raise awareness and also help young people through a structured intervention to build a positive future. We aim to reduce offending behaviours and provide opportunities for intensive therapeutic support.

Sexual Health

We provide access to condom distribution, pregnancy testing, sexual health advice and guidance. We offer therapeutic work with victims of sexual abuse and supporting parents and carers.

Teenage Pregnancy

We provide access to parenting skills support and childcare. We work to encourage the completion of education and offer opportunities for moving in to employment, training and further education.

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