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Support for primary pupils


Barnardo’s provides individual and group counselling to children in their own school. We also work with parents, carers and teachers to help everyone understand the child's feelings and behaviour. The principal aim of the service is to increase pupils’ emotional well-being in order to improve their learning potential. We have staff with a range of counselling qualifications including specific specialist areas such as counselling children who have experienced bullying, anxiety, parental separation or been exposed to sexual abuse, bereavement or loss.


Barnardo’s has years of experience in delivering mentoring programmes which help children improve their emotional awareness, resilience, social skills and self esteem. We can provide mentoring in a school setting, on a one to one basis, or outside of school. Children are helped to set solution focused targets about what they want to change in their lives and they are supported and encouraged by mentors through the process of change.

Emotional and Social Programmes

We are able to work with all children to increase their social skills and emotional resilience, and can work with targeted children who are facing particular challenges. PATHS is an evidenced-based programme grounded in social and emotional learning for primary school pupils. It focuses on enabling children to resolve conflicts peacefully, handle emotions positively, empathise and make responsible decisions. The programme embeds the values of mutual respect and advantages of self knowledge to make a permanent improvement in classroom behaviour over a period of time. It is delivered by teachers who are trained and supported by Barnardo's coaches.

Extended services and clubs

Pyramid clubs

Barnardo's delivers Pyramid clubs to increase the emotional health and self esteem of withdrawn, underperforming children in primary schools. Pyramid clubs involves children attending a range of specifically designed after school clubs; taking part in activities including craft based and physical activities; and circle time where children sit together and are encouraged to talk one at a time. Children also share a healthy snack which they have helped to prepare. Pyramid clubs last for 90 minutes, and are currently being delivered extensively in Newcastle primary schools.

Play sessions and clubs

Barnardo's has expertise in delivering early years and children’s centre provision. We deliver breakfast, lunchtime and after schools clubs. We can deliver holiday provision and nursery provision. Our staff are trained in the High Scope approach to play and learning. We are able to work closely with schools also to support the development of play strategies and managing behaviour strategies.

Participation and Primary Schools

We have a range of participation tools and participation standards for organisations. Barnardo's have worked extensively with primary schools to ensure the participation of children. We have supported children in the process of inputting into school design of play spaces, develop school councils and engaged children and young people in contributing to the reporting to local authority counsellors.

Transitions work

Barnardo's has worked on a one to one group work basis with children to help them make the transition between primary and secondary school. We can work with children whilst they are in primary school and continue to support them in their first year of the secondary school environment.