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For Primary Schools

School child

Barnardo's has a successful track record of delivering an extensive range of programmes and interventions that improve the attendance of pupils in primary schools, increases engagement, relationship skills and communication, raise pupil motivation, increase achievements, and enable children to be more self aware and develop strategies for improving their behaviour, making friendships and dealing with conflict.

My child's behaviour has improved in school.

Our 'what we do' PDF provides an overview of what we can provide for pupils, parents, families and teachers that will make a huge difference  to the children in  your primary or middle school.

We've also provided a full list of our current services we provide for primary and middle schools with details of each of our services,and their costs and specific contact details so you can call the right person directly.

North East Primary Schools Services Directory [PDF]

We also can provide tailored packages to address your school's needs.

To arrange a meeting or telephone chat about your needs please contact Carla Franchi on 0191 2532127 or by email at