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The East Region Team

The East region covers Yorkshire, the North East and part of the Midlands, including Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland.

The senior management team consists of the Director of the East and twelve assistant directors who cover specific localities within the East. Together they oversee a large team of children's services managers, programme managers, staff and volunteers.

The senior management has the passion and expertise to develop new work and welcomes discussions with prospective partners and commissioners.

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Steve Oversby

Steve Oversby, Director of Barnardo's East

Steve is the Director for the Barnardo’s East region and leads the regional team. He is a key member of the Children’s Services Management Team, working with the Executive Director for Children’s Services to design and deliver the Children’s Services Strategy for Barnardo’s, and ensure the Assistant Directors of Children’s Services are supported in achieving Barnardo’s vision and purpose. He has a complete oversight of the East region to ensure that the children and young people using Barnardo’s services are safe through effective practice, supervision and risk management. He is currently the Chair of the Health & Safety Group.

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Kate Smith

Kate Smith, Assistant Director Business Development  

Kate is the Assistant Director Business Development for the East Region. She leads a team of managers who work with commissioners and partners to develop services, which are efficient and effective in meeting the needs of vulnerable children and young people. Kate has the experience to develop innovative and proven solutions to address the complex and challenging needs that commissioners face today in ensuring that children, young people and their families have the right support to meet their needs.

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Marcel Varney, Assistant Director Children’s Services

Marcel is the Assistant Director for Leeds, Calderdale, Kirklees and Calderdale. This work covers a variety of areas; including; young people leaving care, young carers, LGBT young people, family intervention, domestic violence and advocacy. Marcel is also the regional lead for equality and diversity and developing work around ‘health’.

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Nadine Good Assistant Director Children’s Services

Nadine is the region's lead for our work within the secure estates, which includes female and young people’s establishments. The Young people’s estates are across England and Wales. She has locality responsibility for services in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, delivering Young Carers services. Nadine also holds regional responsibility for the development of services for Children Affected by Parental Imprisonment

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Sian Bufton

Siân Bufton, Assistant Director Children’s Services

Siân is the Assistant Director for Children’s services for the Newcastle locality and manages a range of services in the city. Sian has an interest in developing new work with partners in Newcastle. She is also the complaints lead for the East region.

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Rod Weston-Bartholomew

Rod Weston-Bartholomew, Assistant Director Children’s Services

Rod manages a number of children and young people’s services across the region that target the most vulnerable. Reaching these young people and offering them opportunities to make changes in their own lives is a crucial element that Rod and his team aspire to achieve. Rod is also the regional representative for participation, and welcomes the opportunity to champion the voice of children and young people. He is the lead for work in the North Tyneside, Durham and Hartlepool areas.

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julie mcveigh

Julie McVeigh, Assistant Director Children’s Services

Julie is the Assistant Director and locality lead for work across North Tyneside and Northumberland. She oversees a variety of services that currently includes; providing accommodation for homeless young people, providing supported lodgings, a youth support centre, individual and groups support for young people who are NEETs, work for missing children, and both Blyth Valley Children Centres. Julie has a wealth of knowledge and experience working on large bids as well as working collaboratively with a wide range of partners.

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sandra egleton

Sandra Egleton Assistant Director Children’s Services

Sandra is the region’s lead on participation and manages a team of children service managers. Barnardo’s East believes that young people need to have a voice and a stake in society. We provide local groups with opportunities to participate actively in their communities, to prepare them for citizenship and responsible adulthood. She is the lead for work in Stockton and South Tees areas.

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Diane Mactavish

Diane MacTavish is the Assistant Director People

Diane is the specialist lead on people and practice teaching in the East region. Diane ensures that all staff and volunteers work within Barnardo's basis and values as well as making certain that we have high standards of compliance with equality and diversity and work with the concept of cultural competence.

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Jancie hawks

Janice Hawkes Assistant Director Children’s Services

Janice is Barnardo’s Assistant Director for Children’s services for Bradford and Wakefield. The services she leads include parenting programmes, supporting autism, participation services; young carers, parental substance misuse; child sexual exploitation, and work in partnership to improve opportunities for children with special educational needs. Janice currently sits on a range of key strategic groups including the Bradford Children’s Trust Board as a representative for the voluntary sector, the Bradford CSE Strategy Group and the Proactive and Responsive Safeguarding sub group of Bradford’s Safeguarding Children Board, the Wakefield Safeguarding Children Board whose Learning and Development Sub-committee she chairs and  the Wakefield CSE and Missing Strategy group.

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jeanette woodhead

Janette Woodhead, Assistant Director Children’s Services:

Janette is responsible for the delivery of services across the South Yorkshire locality which comprises Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster. This responsibility extends to the procurement of new contracts and the implementation of new services in the South Yorkshire area.  The South Yorkshire portfolio is very varied including Child Sexual Exploitation, Sexually Harmful Behaviours, Young Carers and Sibling Support, Child Protection Advocacy and two nurseries. Janette is also the regional lead for Communication and Engagement.

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ron oliver

Ron Oliver Assistant Director Children's Services

Ron holds responsibility for a wide range of services delivered throughout the Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Humber area. Ron and his team are committed to providing high quality services that aim to transform the lives of children and young people and their families. Ron also holds the lead role for Disability and together with his team, works to ensure that the voice of children, including disabled children, is at the heart of everything that we do.

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