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Barnardo’s in Barkingside

Barnardo’s is a major employer in the Barkingside area and an integral part of the local community. We first came to Barkingside almost 140 years ago and it remains the site of our headquarters to this day.

In 1867, Thomas Barnardo set up a ‘ragged school’ in the east end of London where poor children could get a basic education. Three years later he opened his first home for boys in Stepney Causeway.

In 1873, he brought Barnardo’s to Barkingside where he opened the ‘Girls' Village Home’ which was a collection of cottages around a green and housed 1100 girls.

Tanners Lane in Barkingside remains our headquarters and these cottages still exist as part of the site.

An important element of the regeneration programme is the protection of the Barkingside site’s historical importance and conservation zones, preserving Barnardo’s unique heritage.  

Elements of our village will be regenerated and restored to reflect its Victorian roots, respecting the village’s recent Grade II listing.