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Break the cycle campaign (2008-2009)

Girl with bruises on face - Barnardo's Break the Cycle

Barnardo’s first TV advertising campaign was ‘Break the Cycle’, initially aired in November 2008 and again in June 2009.

The aim of the advertising campaign was to increase the public’s awareness of Barnardo’s, and drive our Believe in children message. We wanted to reinforce our repositioning as a modern, relevant, contemporary charity that tackles today’s most pressing issues for children and young people.

Caught in a cycle of deprivation, neglect and abuse, for many vulnerable children and young people life can spiral out of control. Problems such as violence at home or educational difficulties can lead a child to substance misuse and even crime. At Barnardo’s, our work and intervention can break this cycle, but we need the public’s help to do this.

The overall message of the campaign was that Barnardo’s believes in all children and young people, no matter what they have done, or what they have been through. Our work can reach out to vulnerable children and young people, breaking the cycle and giving them the chance to turn their lives around.

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