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Barnardo’s helped young Britain deliver its own message to the nation on Christmas Day with The Teens' Speech.

On Christmas Day 2009, the Teens' Speech film went live on MySpace with a massive 32,983 views and many more since. It's also been a hit on YouTube, sparking debate about the role of young people in Britain today.

The Teens’ Speech was an open invitation to British teenagers to address the nation. It gave young people the chance to speak out on a range of profoundly important issues and provide the rest of us with an extraordinary opportunity to see the future through their eyes. The final film, over 17 minutes long, was a touching, funny, eye-opening and inspiring view of teenagers.

We believe that helping young people also means helping Britain. Teenagers will inherit and shape Britain, so ensuring they have promising and happy futures should be a national concern. That's why we created The Teens' Speech.

We travelled up and down the UK - from cities to leafy country hamlets - filming young people with something to say. We also encouraged young people to get involved online. We questioned teens on important issues and providing avenues for debate and dialogue on MySpace, Facebook, Youtube and on The Teens' Speech blog.

Barnardo's wants a future where young people are free to express themselves openly without fear of disapproval. We want to help foster a culture of understanding between generations in an age when it seems the most vulnerable members of society are also the most demonised and misunderstood.

If you want the same things, if you believe that all children deserve the chance to fulfil their potential, then support our work, either by making a donation, or help us campaign the Government to make the right choices for children in the UK.

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Help us turn lives around. Your support will make a difference to the lives of young people across the UK.

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