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Turning lives around campaign - TV advert

Our TV ad, Turn Around was shown across all major terrestrial and satellite channels from March 2011.

Forming part of our wider campaign that highlights Barnardo’s work in turning around the lives of thousands of young people in areas such as education and financial security, the TV ad focuses on an area affecting the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people – sexual exploitation.

Listen to more young people's stories on the 'Turning lives around themes' or take part in our campaign to free children from sexual exploitation.

It is almost impossible to communicate all aspects of the work that Barnardo’s is involved in through a short TV ad. In drawing attention to the issue of sexual exploitation we hope to deepen the public understanding of the work Barnardo’s does and so make people more likely to support us.

We don’t try to show a quick fix happy ending because the work we do takes time, commitment and expertise. We know there are no instant solutions to the complex issues we work with, yet every project still works tirelessly to turn around children’s lives.

Whether we are working with young sexually exploited people or young carers we know with the right committed support and a little belief, even the most vulnerable children can turn their lives around.

Find out more about how Barnardo's has helped children overcome sexual exploitation.

'Whose child now?'

Our recent media and policy report, 'Whose child now?', evidences some of the outcomes of our work with sexually exploited young people.

The report looks at the state of sexual exploitation 12 years on from our last major report on the issue, Whose daughter next? and with input from our sexual exploitation services across the UK, it highlights case studies that give insight into the harrowing nature of the issue, but also shows how Barnardo’s helps these young people turn their lives around.

Further information

Should you have any comments or concerns please contact the Barnardo’s Brand Team on 020 8498 7005 or via email.

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