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Supporting online videos

In order to help us achieve the aims of our advertising campaign we had online videos to support our TV advertising. The videos reinforced the message that Barnardo’s believes in all children and young people, no matter what they have done, or what they have been through.

What we hear

teenage girl talking to the camera and crying

We know it can be hard to look past the angry teenager and really hear what they are saying.

Many of our services have to do this everyday because changing entrenched patterns of behaviour in families is a long-term task.

Watch the What we hear campaign film »


a rifle is pointing in the darkness, a bicycle is on the ground

Our online film ‘Hunting’ launched our campaign, with the intention of creating the debate around the issue of the demonisation of children and young people in society today.

Our research showed that a concerning issue present in today’s society is the increasingly negative way in which young people are viewed by the general public. Despite the fact that most young people do not engage in anti-social behaviour, a growth in anxiety over the presence of youths in our communities has led to a significant level of social exclusion towards them.

The film was very successful in raising this debate in many different arenas. We received extensive media coverage, from BBC breakfast news through to Newsnight. Many of you contacted us to offer your support and many more of you also pledged your support to stop the demonisation of children through our online campaign.