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Previous advertising campaigns

Girl with bruises on face - Barnardo's Break the Cycle

Barnardo's used to be a children’s charity famous for its orphanages, which in 1966 we began to close.

Over the next 30 years Barnardo's was relatively quiet about its new areas of work, which resulted in low public awareness of Barnardo's and what we did.

This encouraged Barnardo's to re-think its approach in order to raise awareness and reposition Barnardo's as modern, relevant and deserving by bringing the public up-to-date with the vital work we do.

Support the Unsupported (2014)

The Support the Unsupported campaign brought to life our purpose of transforming the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children. We asked for the public to help us support the children who need it most, and who have no-one. Our TV advert told the story of 14 year old Ellie who has been sexually exploited. Sadly Ellie's story was based on the lives of the thousands of children we support every day.

Life Story (2011-2013)

The Life Story campaign highlights Barnardo’s work in fighting for the futures of the UK’s most vulnerable children, ensuring their stories don’t have to end like they began. The TV advert focuses on a range of areas including domestic violence, leaving care and parenting.

Turn Around (2009-2010)

The Turn Around campaign highlighted Barnardo’s work in turning around the lives of thousands of young people; The TV ad focused on an area affecting the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people – sexual exploitation.  

Break the cycle campaign (2008-2009)

Barnardo's Break the cycle campaign aimed to raise awareness of Barnardo's as a modern, relevant charity that tackles today's most pressing issues for children and young people.

Watch the Break the cycle TV advert or read about the other films related to the campaign.

Believe in children campaign (2007)

The focus of the Believe in children advertising campaign was to promote the organisation's rebrand and inspire people to believe in children.

Young carers campaign (2006)

The Young carers advertising campaign raised awareness of the work young carers do and asked the public to give their permission for a young carer to take a break from their responsibilities.

New Life (2005)

The New Life campaign highlights some of the contemporary issues facing children such as abuse through prostitution, domestic violence, parental neglect and drug and alcohol misuse.

Child poverty campaign (2003)

Tye Child poverty campaign highlighted the potential detrimental effects poverty can have on a child's future.

Stolen childhood campaign (2002)

The Stolen childhood advertising campaign was launched in an attempt to change the public's perceptions regarding children who are the victims of sexual exploitation.

Emotional death campaign (2001)

The Emotional death campaign attempted to demonstrate that disadvantaged children can easily grow up to lead tragic lives if they are not given the help they need at an early age.

Giving children back their future campaign (1999-2000)

The Giving children back their future advertising campaign aimed to show what potentially disastrous adulthoods await many of the disadvantaged young people Barnardo's works with.