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Believe in Me

We believe a child’s future should never be defined by their past. Whoever they are, and whatever their circumstances, we believe in them. Children have amazed us, inspired us and rewarded us for more than 150 years. With our ‘Believe in Me’ campaign we want to show the world why children are so incredible - whoever they are, and whatever their circumstances.

Through ‘Believe in Me’ we’re giving the children we support their own voice, letting them show people why our work is so important.

‘Believe in Me’ focusses on the transformative effect that believing in children has on their lives and their ability to achieve. It’s a direct appeal form the child to believe in them – as we know that when people believe in children, they start to believe in themselves.

Incredible things happen when you believe in children. Please show you believe in them by supporting our campaign. #BelieveInMe

For more information please visit the campaign page.