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Advertising campaigns

Advertising has always been a crucial element of Barnardo's work.

From the time of Thomas Barnardo to our current advertising, how we communicate with the public has changed immensely. But what has stayed consistent is our objective to raise awareness of the issues affecting vulnerable children whilst demonstrating how Barnardo's, with your help, transforms the lives of these vulnerable children.

Our TV advert - Believe in Me

We believe a child’s future should never be defined by their past. Whoever they are, and whatever their circumstances, we believe in them. Children have amazed us, inspired us and rewarded us over the last 150 years. With our new campaign ‘Believe in Me’, we want to show the world why children are so incredible, whoever they are, and whatever their circumstances.

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Should you have been affected by any of the issues raised in our TV advert, read the details of our support services »

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Previous advertising campaigns

Find out more about our previous advertising campaigns designed to raise public awareness of the diverse work Barnardo's does to transform the lives of vulnerable children.

Our previous advertising campaigns include:

History of Barnardo's advertising

Find out about the history of Barnardo's advertising including the advertising campaigns undertaken by Thomas Barnardo and the reason for a change in the nature of Barnardo's advertising.

Advertising information for students

We receive a lot of requests from students to complete surveys and/or interviews. It is great that you are interested in Barnardo's and our advertising; however, unfortunately due to our limited resources we are unable to take part in any interviews/surveys. Please see the students advertising question and answer page which may be of help in your work.

Our advertising Q and A for students contains lots of useful information such as

  • What do you hope to gain through your advertising?
  • How successful is your TV advertising?