Waltham Forest Children's Rights Service

Waltham Forest Children’s Rights Service

What we do

The aims for years 2006-07 have remained stable and we have been able to increase the numbers and range of opportunities for children and young people to participate, where they can:

  • voice their experiences, ideas, concerns, complaints etc. directly to those responsible for providing services for them in Children and Families
  • have a direct influence on the development of the services offered to children and young people, as well as on policy, practice and planning
  • meet with other young people in similar situations to themselves, to share experiences and get support
  • get new experiences, skills, and the chance of accredited learning
  • empower themselves to change things for themselves and for other young people

The service also has a responsibility to raise awareness about children’s rights and in particular their right to participate with both children and young people and across Waltham Forest Children and Families Department.