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Adoption Support Scotland

For over 30 years we have provided a comprehensive range of services for those affected by adoption and permanent fostering. Adoption Support Scotland currently works in partnership with 16 local authorities across Scotland and our independent specialist service complements adoption services provided by the local authority.

We provide specialist training for professionals developed for the Scottish market and designed around each authority’s specific needs. This includes:

  • direct work with families on an individual basis
  • access to support groups such as Adult Adoptees and Post-Adoption Support
  • support and guidance for authority staff on a one-to-one basis
  • places for authority staff on the Adoption Counselling Course
  • access to our library materials, advice, and search assistance provided by volunteers.
“The service treats you with the utmost respect and dignity. You are encouraged to be your own person and allowed to experience your own feelings without feeling silly or irrelevant,” Adoptee, December 2011

Authorities refer different groups of people (below) to our services. It also enables them to self-refer:

  • people affected by adoption and permanency
  • adult adoptees, adoptive parents, and children
  • birth parents and relatives of children who are looked after on a permanent basis.

Local authorities can subscribe to our core package by paying an annual fee based on an agreed level of service. Annual fees are negotiated on an individual basis; please contact us for full details.

To find out about adopting or fostering in Scotland, see our website.