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Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a priority for Barnardo’s

For Barnardo’s child sexual exploitation is a priority issue. We provide a range of services to children and young people through over 40 services across the UK. This gives us a strong practice and evidence base for our training and consultancy work. In 2015 Barnardo’s worked with 3,200 children and young people who were at risk from and were victims of, sexual exploitation. Barnardo’s has been working with children and young people who are affected by child sexual exploitation for over twenty years and has become the leading children’s charity for research and service delivery in the area.

Specialist consultancy support on all matters related to CSE

Barnardo’s has invested in a specialist consultancy team to provide time limited, independent support to other agencies regarding all matters concerned with CSE. Our ring fenced team of consultants can undertake a range of work, including independent reviews of practice, robust audits of cases, and support with reviewing policies, procedures and action plans.

Our team of consultants

Our consultants bring a wealth of experience in undertaking consultancy work related to CSE having worked in relevant roles, for example, within the voluntary sector, children’s services, or the police.  

A child centred and outcomes focused approach

We are committed to ensuring that the voice of the child is represented in all our work, and will work with commissioners to seek children’s views wherever possible. In all our consultancy work, our consultants seek to be clear about the required outcomes and to ensure high levels of satisfaction with the results.

Areas of consultancy work

Barnardo’s Consultancy service can undertake independent reviews of historic practice as well as audits of current practice regarding CSE. Our goal is to support local authorities, specialist CSE teams, LSCBs and other single agencies in sharing learning and affecting improvements to practice when tackling child sexual exploitation.

Workforce development regarding child sexual exploitation. Barnardo’s Consultancy service will also link with our children’s services to find the best solutions to address training and workforce development needs relating to child sexual exploitation.

Examples of our consultancy work:

  • Independent reviews of practice
  • Audits and case reviews.
  • Policy or strategy development
  • Development of workforce development strategies
  • Independent reviews of CSE strategies and action plans
  • Facilitation of practice development sessions
  • Reviews of policies and practice regarding children who go missing and child sexual exploitation.
  • Consultation with young people regarding service provision.

Working with the community, parents and young people to raise awareness:
Barnardo’s Families and Communities Against Sexual Exploitation (FCASE)

Barnardo’s devised an evidenced based direct work programme to enable trained professionals to work alongside both parents/carers and their children as a preventative measure against increased risk of a child or young person becoming a victim of being sexually exploited.

What the parents said about the FCASE programmes:

"FCASE was the only agency that has been consistent and done what they had said they would do. They were honest and kept in contact and returned your calls"

"It’s been marvellous, our eyes have been opened. We’ve spread the news to family members"

What the Young people said about the FCASE programmes:

"I got more information, what to do and what not to do and how to keep myself safe as well."

"I use the internet more safely and don’t put inappropriate pictures up because I won’t have control of it once it’s up there, and I keep my profiles private so only my friends can access it."

"She (the worker) made it clear what grooming was, all the stages of grooming’ I had heard of grooming but I didn’t understand what it was. Everything made sense"

"It made me see clearly that it (previous exploitation) was not my fault and I understand now where I’ve gone wrong."

Safer care:
Working with foster carers

Barnardo’s has developed a training programme suitable for foster carers to develop their knowledge and skills in working with sexually exploited and/or trafficked young people. This is a two day programme which looks at awareness raising for foster carers and associated professionals in family placement.

Working with the night time economy

Barnardo’s has designed and delivered training to businesses working in the night time economy to help raise awareness about the reality of child sexual exploitation and encourage those working in the night time economy  to recognise, respond and report signs of child sexual exploitation.  

Real Love Rocks:
Working with schools

Barnardo’s has developed lots of attractive and interactive web resources dedicated to child sexual exploitation. The Real Love Rocks website is an online space all about raising awareness around Child Sexual Exploitation and what a healthy and safe relationship is. It is designed for use by young people, parents or professionals. Barnardo’s can provide training for schools on how to use and promote Real Love Rocks in school. There are two Resources for young people, one aimed at children in year 6 and one for young people in years 7-9.

Find out more information on the Real Love Rocks website.

E-learning - Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Barnardo’s Consultancy have designed a number of bespoke CSE e-learning programmes as follows:-

  • Nightwatch- CSE training for taxi drivers
  • Nightwatch- CSE training for retail
  • Nightwatch - CSE training for bars/hotels/nightclubs
  • Understanding CSE for young people
  • Understanding CSE for multiagency workforce

Our work with commissioners:

Leicestershire County Council: Independent Review of Practice

Barnardo’s were commissioned by a Local Authority to undertake a review of practise relating to child sexual exploitation from the late 1990s to the present time. This review involved sampling files, consulting staff and young people and reviewing relevant documentation. A detailed report was provided with a clear set of recommendations to affect improvements.

Feedback from Leicestershire County Council:

"We commissioned Barnardo’s to undertake a sensitive research report to inform our understanding of past practice and assess our current approach.  A detailed and thorough report was produced that has helped us to learn and to plan our future direction.  The quality of the relationship with the researcher, Julie Dugdale, was excellent and highly professional, and the recommendations included in the report were extremely valuable to us."

South Yorkshire Police: Specialist Level 4 Training:

Barnardo’s were commissioned by South Yorkshire Police to design and deliver specialist training on child sexual exploitation at various levels for the wider police force, including Officers with safeguarding responsibilities and Officers within specialist child sexual exploitation teams.

Participant feedback:

"The training was excellent and opened my eyes about the obstacles of clear and coherent recollection of events by a witness/victim."
"Excellent course, excellent trainer."
"Good delivery, well-pitched"
"Good trainer, well delivered, easy going style"
"Very good, interesting and informative."

Rotherham: Local Authority Capacity Building CSE Champions

Barnardo’s were commissioned by Rotherham to develop and deliver level 3 training days to capacity build champions within the children’s workforce, followed by a series of workshops on specialist topics, including work with boys, work with LGBT young people, consent, and working with young people with learning disabilities.

Practicioner feedback:

"The trainer was very knowledgeable and inspiring."
"Excellent- I found the trainer to be both interesting and knowledgeable."
"Very relevant and informative. Very positive. Will lead to more effective practice."
"Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the training and I am looking forward to the challenges of my new role as cse champion!"

Aycliffe Secure Unit: Specialist Workforce Development

Barnardo’s Consultancy were commissioned by Aycliffe secure unit to design and deliver specialist workforce development programmes for staff working within the secure unit. This involved the delivery of a specialist 4 day training programme for practitioners supporting and caring for children with the highest levels of need who had been placed in secure units on welfare grounds.  

Workforce development strategies relating to CSE:

Safeguarding Children Boards need to be assured that the children’s workforce are confident and competent in tackling CSE and have been equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. Barnardo’s CSE consultancy can help LSCBs develop their child sexual exploitation workforce development strategies to systematically develop the knowledge and skills of their children’s multiagency workforce at relevant levels. CSE is recognised nationally as one of the most important challenges facing agencies today and the development of a strong, collaborative approach is important in tackling the issue; accordingly the provision of appropriate training for the workforce is critical.

Barnardo’s Consultancy considers the different levels of need as identified in Working Together 2010 for various groups of staff. We have a menu of training courses, which can be delivered on a multiagency or single agency basis to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes of staff to help them build good multiagency relationships that will enable them to work effectively to safeguard children at risk from sexual exploitation.

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