National Third Sector GIRFEC Project

Local Activity

Following the circulation of an ‘invitation to participate’ to Chief Officers of TSI’s, CCPS Childrens Committee Members and the LA GIRFEC Lead Officers Group we recruited a number of new areas to engage with in Phase 2 of our work. We are now engaging with Third Sector Interface’s and a cross section of Third Sector organisations involved in the delivery of children’s services across a number of local CPP areas.

The support available involves actively engaging local third sector organisations in a dialogue to identify the specific needs of the sector locally. Following this we aim to develop a local plan which will be delivered in partnership with local stakeholders. Work has already commenced with local areas and will continue over the next few months, with the scheduling to be agreed through dialogue with local partners.

NTSG Contact

Local Area

Local Focus

Vicky Wan
Aberdeen City

Sharing GIRFEC resources

Exploring hosting networking/learning event

Vicky Wan


Support the establishment of a VSCSF

Deliver GIRFEC and wellbeing workshops based on identified training needs

Support to plan and deliver local networking events

Ronnie Gourley
Argyll & Bute·

Recruitment of a number of third sector providers to form a childrens services reference group

Engagement to develop an understanding of the range of third sector organisations in A&B delivering childrens services

Vicky Wan
Dumfries and Galloway

Support to develop a fairly new early years forum and co-produce an action plan

Engagement with other local organisations to support this work

Deliver GIRFEC and wellbeing workshops

Maureen McAteer
East Ayrshire
Support to establish a third sector childrens services third sector forum
Raymy Boyle
East Lothian
Engagement with childrens service organisations to collectively strengthen the visibility of the third sector in East Lothian
Vicky Wan
No ongoing involvement at present
Vicky Wan
Support to deliver locality GIRFEC and wellbeing workshops
Maureen McAteer

The project's involvement with Glasgow is in conjunction with Glasgow Council for the Involuntary Sector.

Read about the Everyone's Children Research Project which was launched in 2015

Ronnie Gourley
Support to review and strengthen the local Children’s Service Third Sector Network
Ronnie Gourley

Support to implement the locally produced action plan.

Support to establish links with other locality groups and networks

Maureen McAteer
North Ayrshire
Support to develop and strengthen the local third sector childrens service providers forum
Raymy Boyle
North Lanarkshire

Support the CYP & Families network to develop an action plan

Engagement with local third sector organisations to understand the local context. Workshop event to be held in early June to consider feedback from surveys, statutory and third sector partnership events and individual/organisational interviews.

Vicky Wan
Perth & Kinross
Support to strengthen the Third Sector Children Services Strategic Forum and their engagement in Children's Services Planning
Ronnie Gourley

Support to the Voluntary Services Forum to further increase participation and strengthen representation

Support to bring about greater Third Sector involvement in Children’s Services Planning

Ronnie Gourley
South Lanarkshire
Support GIRFEC Roadshow Events and enhance Third Sector involvement in Children’s Services Planning
Raymy Boyle
West Lothian·
Engagement with local children’s service providers to develop an action plan to strengthen the sector locally. Workshop event in June will identify next steps for the Children and Young People’s Working Group and provide a forum for third sector organisations to consider relationships with each other and statutory partners.