Somerset Phoenix Project

Request Support


If you are a professional working with a child or family affected by CSA you can complete a support request form for professionals. Before completing it, check you meet our criteria below.

Keep in mind that the primary purpose of Phoenix is to support professionals via training and consultation to develop their capacity to offer the most effective support possible to the families and children they already support.  We are not a referral service.

Children and Young People

If for whatever reason there are no current professionals in your life, you can ask for support by filling in the self-referral support request form.


If for whatever reason there are no current professionals supporting you or your child, you can ask for support by filling in the parent/carer support request form.

Criteria for Professionals, Children and Young People to Access Support.

  • Service users must be resident in the Somerset Local Authority area. Professionals must be working with a child or young person from Somerset.
  • Children and young people must be aged 5-18 (21 if special needs) at time of the request for support. Professionals must be working with children and young people in this age group.
  • Professionals / safeguarding leads working alongside a child or young person who has been sexually abused will be able to contact the service to discuss training, support and consultation options available.
  • Children/young people must be safe from harm. Phoenix is a recovery service, not a crisis service.
  • If seeking support for a child or young person, we will prioritise children/young people who have not been able to disclose or are not already receiving another support service.
  • This service will focus on providing support for children aged 5-18 who have experienced sexual abuse, and their families, and who fall outside the threshold for admission to specialist mental health services and/or other specialist services.
  • We will prioritise children where Phoenix staff assess this to be the best service to meet the needs of the child or young person as a result of child sexual abuse.
  • Young people over 13 who we know have experienced a one-off incident of rape or sexual assault by another young person will be referred to SARSAS directly.
  • The service will prioritise sexual abuse which has involved physical contact.
  • We will work in partnership with specialist CSE (child sexual exploitation) services to ascertain whether it is appropriate for Somerset Phoenix Project to support a child/young person affected by CSE.  
  • When the Project has established contact with a professional wanting to request support for children and young people the Project will ask for an up-to-date Early Help Assessment (EHA) to be provided if appropriate.