SPACE Project

In their words


Natalie was 13 years old when she met Mat. He was much older and flattered her with presents and attention. Before long, he was grooming her for abuse through prostitution. Natalie felt she had nowhere to turn and found out about Space from a friend, before long she was attending the project on a regular basis and getting advice about how to deal with her situation. Talking with a project worker has allowed her to speak about difficult issues and at the same time help her to increase her self esteem. Natalie no longer sees Matt, is back in school and is studying for her GCSEs.


For most of his life Steve has lived in residential care. He did not have good relationship with his social workers. After leaving care he has ended up sleeping on a friend’s floor. Steve now uses crack; he was referred to Barnardo’s Space Project by his drugs worker who Steve told that he sells sex with men in order to buy crack. Steve regularly meets with his worker from the project and is beginning to develop strategies to make changes to his current circumstances.