SPACE Project

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I qualify for the project?

You need to be under eighteen and live in Birmingham. If you are a social worker and want to discuss a referral, please contact our project.

2. Will you visit a client at home or do they have to come to you?

We work with young people in a variety of ways including work at the project, at home, or a place that the young person feels comfortable with.

3. Is the Barnardo's Space Project confidential?

We believe that young people have the right to privacy and safety, and to be treated with dignity and respect. We aim to encourage all who use or have contact with this project to feel free to discuss their situations with us and to trust us. In general, the young people who are our clients are disadvantaged, vulnerable and possibly in ‘trouble’. We aim to empower them to make informed choices about all aspects of their current and future lives, including around sex and sexuality. Therefore, whatever the young people tell us will be confidential. Information will stay within this project, except in the following exceptional circumstances:

  • where the safety of the young person, or someone else, is threatened i.e.: abuse or violence
  • where we have explicit permission to share information with other projects, agencies or workers. This is usually by way of the young person signing our ‘Sharing of Information Consent Form’.

4. What is sexual exploitation?

The Barnardo’s Space Project operates to the following two complimentary working definitions of the sexual exploitation of children and young people:

The use of children for the sexual gratification of adults. The basis of the exploitation is the unequal power and economic relations between the child and the adult. The child is exploited for his or her youth and sexuality."

United Nations

Any involvement of a child or a young person below 18 in sexual activity for which remuneration of cash or in kind is given to the child or young person or a third person or persons. The perpetrator will have power over the child by virtue of one or more of the following: age, emotional maturity, gender, physical strength and intellect."

Tink Palmer, Barnardo’s, 2002

5. Is prostitution wrong?

Barnardo's believes that there is no such thing as a 'young prostitute', instead there is a child or young person who is being abused. Men who target children for sex, money or power are child abusers and sex offenders and should be prosecuted as such.