Assessment and Intervention Work with Children and Young People with Sexually Problematic/Harmful Behaviour (Lighthouse)

The Lighthouse assessment is a strengths-based, comprehensive assessment that is aimed at identifying each child/young person’s unique needs, the factors that contribute to risk, and how risk can be managed safely.

Assessments are done in close collaboration with the young person’s local authority social worker.  Professionals and carers receive feedback throughout the assessment concerning safety planning and risk management.  Assessments usually take place over a period of 8 to 10 weeks and include weekly meetings with the young person as well as periodic meetings with relevant carers and professionals.

After the assessment is completed, key professionals, parents & carers, and the young person will be informed of the impressions and recommendations, as appropriate.  The assessment will draw conclusions regarding areas for ongoing work, in any; the young person’s ability and readiness to engage in the work; and appropriate targets and timescales for any recommended intervention. The assessment also includes an evaluation of risk as well as recommendations regarding how any ongoing risk may be managed by those around the young person.

When an assessment is completed, a programme of work will be created that is responsive to the young person’s individual needs.  The programme may involve working with the young person, their family, and/or their support network on the issues identified in the assessment.