Both Lighthouse and Skylight offer regular training programmes for professionals in relation to this area of work.  We may also be able to offer bespoke training for groups on request.


  • Module 1: Introduction to the Sexual Behaviour of Children and Young People: Designed with all professionals in mind, this course aims to provide social workers, support workers, teachers and others with the knowledge they need to understand and contextualize the sexual behaviour and development of children and adolescents.  Participants are also given the opportunity to learn and consider basic prevention, response, and risk management strategies.

  • Module 2: Risk Assessment and Intervention: Designed for social workers providing direct work to children and young people, the Module 2 course aims to help participants further the understanding of assessment and intervention surrounding the issues of sexually harmful behaviour.  The course is both theoretical and practical.


  • Training for Foster Carers: Skylight runs two different training courses for foster carers – ‘Caring for sexually abused child’ and ‘Advanced safer caring’. The aim is to develop skills in safe caring and increase knowledge in caring for children who have been sexually abused.

  • Modular Course: This course is aimed at social workers, and child and family centre staff who may work with young people who have been sexually abused. The aim is to help participants further their understanding of child sexual abuse and to develop skills in communicating with children and parents affected by abuse.

  • Foundation Course: This course is run for City of Edinburgh residential staff as part of a wider training programme that staff undertake. The aim is to develop an understanding of the impact of sexual abuse on Young People and develop skills to respond to this.