Consultancy (Lighthouse and Skylight)

Professionals working in other settings with young people often have questions, concerns, or anxieties about working with children/young people who have experienced sexual abuse and/or displayed harmful sexual behaviour.  

Through our consultancy services, Lighthouse/Skylight seeks to respond to these needs by providing social workers and other professionals a space where they can reflect on the most appropriate and safe ways to help and support the child.  Additionally, service users are encouraged and supported to explore and acknowledge the emotional impact and complexities that these issues frequently raise both personally and professionally.

Though each consultancy will be tailored to meet each professional’s specific needs, consultancies often focus on the following:

  • Understanding the young person’s sexual behaviour
  • Differentiating between normative, problematic, and harmful sexual behaviour
  • Risk assessment and management

Consultancy services may be offered to individual professionals or to teams of professionals (e.g., YPC teams, education teams, etc.).

Consultancies also involve identifying additional resources, information, and approaches relevant to the issue at hand.  To this end, Lighthouse/Skylight has an extensive resource library of books and articles, games and videos which can help the worker or carer develop skills and knowledge about some of the consequences and manifestations of child sexual abuse and sexually harmful behaviour.